Veritas Seminary

Veritas Seminary was birthed from a deep burden to obey the Great Commission. There is an amazing event that takes place in Acts chapter 19 where the apostle Paul takes his disciples with him to a venue that is called the lecture hall of Tyrannus. It’s really a fascinating account in Luke’s record. The Scriptures explain that the disciples met in that place every single day. But then something shocking is recorded in the next verse. We are told that over the following two years every single resident in all of Asia heard the Word of God being shared among the people. This incredible portrait of God’s work among the nations shows us that God has promised to bless His laborers as we gather in obedience to the Great Commission to go and make disciples. That’s why we created Veritas Seminary to be a lean, mean, disciple-making machine that will propel our Bible students out into the mission they have been called to.